About Us

Multi-Fuel and Wood-Burning Stoves, Craft Built in Scotland

We have been making stoves on a craft basis, working purely in heavy gauge steel, since 1982.

Over that time we have evolved radically different designs from the norm, that have stood the test of time as well as performance. We hope that this site gives an idea of the variety and invention that we feel we bring to a rather conservative industry sector.

We build by hand, in the heaviest gauges of steel used on the domestic stove market, taking ideas that first formed on the shop floor, that over the years have evolved into the six basic models that we now offer; each radically different from anything else on the market, but each with a proven track record of performance, reliability & longevity.

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Hand built in Galloway, Scotland, to customers individual requirements, from our own original designs, our stoves are fabricated completely in high quality mild steel, which has the tensility to absorb the heat stresses that would crack unprotected cast iron.

If you are thinking about purchasing a multi-fuel or wood-burning stove, please see our installation options and rough pricing guide on choosing and fitting a stove, with pictures of actual installations.

Thermal Stores & linking a Dowling stove with another heat source

With the rising prices of gas and oil, we’re getting a lot of enquiries about linking one of our boiler stoves with gas or oil, or renewable sources like ground heat or solar. After researching the subject, we’re confident that we have come up with a system that can link almost any heat source, as well as making a dramatic improvement to the quality and amount of hot water that comes out of your taps.