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Hi all ... hope you're all well and safe out there.

Despite the Chancellor's fine words any financial assistance for a micro business like ours is slow to appear. We quite understand everyone keeping their powder dry in these uncertain times, but what would really help us right now would be any expression of interest in our stoves. Our very existence, as one of the UK's most original manufacturing enterprises might depend on this, so if you're even considering ordering a stove from us in the near future, don't be shy, tell us!

Please, stay safe, stay at home and protect yourselves and our NHS

Coronavirus Update 18/4/20

Hi, and thanks to all who gave a positive response to our last message, including the possible orders; this is really what we needed. If there's one thing we could all learn from the present pandemic, it's complete disclosure … we take this to apply to ALL research, though we quite understand if the big boys prefer to keep their secrets under wraps!


I should also say that the Scottish Government, via the Council have come up trumps with a £10k grant … much appreciated, and should keep us small concerns going, the lads' furlough paid, basic supplies etc etc. The Bank finally got back to us as well … to say there are overdraft facilities available too. Hopefully we'll not need them, but if current experiments go well with a 'downburn' prototype I'm making we might put one up for test, which will be 5 or 7k


… said prototype: I'll post up photos as soon as it's under test. It's a new version of a Little Devil / Anvil. Initial experiments with a Sumo 12 are too inconclusive to bank on … trying to get particle and CO emissions down WITHOUT using fire rope or brick … no' easy, but keen to crack it!


… meanwhile, here's a repeat of some vids we did earlier

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